The Tree Removal Procedures Followed by Pros

Saying goodbye to a favorite tree is sad. Following the proper tree removal procedure prevents this task from becoming a tragedy. In this post, Tree Keepers, LLC, your expert tree removal company in Littleton, explains the proper tree removal process. 

tree removal procedure

The Proper Tree Removal Procedure

If you have an ailing or dying tree, the first step is to identify whether it poses a danger. Your arborist will advise you on whether or not you can save the plant. If not, they’ll follow this procedure for removing a tree.


Planning ahead reduces the risk of any accidents and may be critical, depending on the size.

If it’s a small tree or sapling that can’t damage anything if it topples, simply remove anything in the way. With a large tree, a professional tree removal service will not only clear the area but also clear an escape path to one side of the tree. The idea is to make enough space for the trunk to fall. 

Determining the Natural Lean

Trees seldom grow at an exact 90° angle. They usually lean slightly to one side or the other, and will often fall that way. The next step in the tree removal procedure is to determine which way the tree is likely to fall. 

Create an Escape Route

This step simply means clearing a path so that you can get out of the way when the tree tips over. Make sure that the path is relatively flat with no obstacles that can trip you up. 

Tie a Rope to the Trunk

The next step is to tie a long rope to the tree trunk above where you’ll cut it. This is in case the tree doesn’t topple, and you need to help it along. You should be able to tug it in the direction you want the tree to fall, making sure that the rope’s much longer than the tree is tall. 

Tree Removal

The first stage is to cut a V-shaped nick in the tree’s base. It should form roughly a 45° angle and extend about a quarter of the way into the trunk. The next step is to move around to the other side and start cutting a couple of inches above the first cut. Make sure everyone’s out of the way because this should topple the tree. 

Clear the Remains

When the tree comes down, you’ll need to remove the branches and haul them off. Then, you’ll need to chop up the trunk and deal with the stump. 

Can You DIY This Task? 

While it looks simple on paper, cutting a tree down is tricky. You can hope the tree will fall in the right direction, but it may not. There are many things that can go wrong, especially with large trees. It’s not worth taking the risk. 

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