How Pros Handle Dangerous Tree Removal

You should always leave dangerous tree removal to the professionals. It not only requires specialized equipment but also experience because dead trees don’t always act as we expect. 

In this post, Tree Keepers, your go-to team for trusted tree removal in Littleton, explains the steps professionals take to make tree removal safe.

dangerous tree removal

Are You Dealing With a Dangerous Tree?

Unless you know a fair amount about tree care, it’s challenging to identify dead trees or hazard trees. Deciduous plants go dormant in winter, making them look dead. However, the following signs indicate that your tree’s in serious trouble:

  • Leaning: If your tree suddenly develops a significant lean, call an arborist because it means that the roots are lifting. This commonly occurs after storms and makes the entire structure unstable. However, it could also stem from ground changes or the canopy overbalancing. 
  • Signs of Rot: Check the tree for soft spots, branch die-back, abnormal growth, deformities, leaf and bark discoloration, and any signs of fungus. Deal with these immediately because they will impact the tree’s stability.
  • White Ants: Or any other wood borers indicate you need to act. If you catch the infestation in its early stages, you can eradicate it. If not, you’ll need dangerous tree removal as the trunk becomes less stable and to prevent the problem from spreading.

If your tree seems out of sorts or grows too near a power line, call us for expert advice. 

How We Remove Dangerous Trees

If you feel like you or your property is in danger, call us about tree removal as soon as possible. If the tree is still a sapling that you can carry, you can remove it yourself. With anything larger, leave it to us for best results. Let’s review the crucial precautions we take for dangerous tree removal.

We Always Wear Safety Gear 

Our team always wears hard hats, safety glasses, slip-resistant worker’s boots, long sleeves, and leather gloves. We protect ourselves from debris, wood scraps, and other harmful components by wearing these. 

We Check the Power Lines

If your tree sits near a power line, we contact the electric company. They’ll send someone out to de-energize the plant. 

We Mark the Felling Zone

This area represents where the tree will fall. We also make allowances for the branches on either side of the trunk. We pad this area and keep everyone clear of it. 

We Mark and Clear Our Escape Route

We mark a safe way to get out of there as the tree falls. We clear this zone of any obstructions. 

We Work in Teams

We always have at least one spotter who can check what the tree’s doing while we cut. That way, if it starts to fall prematurely, we have a good warning and can get out of the way.

Call the Professionals for Safe Tree Removal

Mistakes during dangerous tree removal can have tragic consequences. It’s not worth the risk when considering the small amount of money you save. When you hire tree care professionals, you protect yourself and your property.

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