How To Tie off Tree Limbs When Cutting

Pruning tree limbs often creates a dangerous situation and requires homeowners to take several measures to protect themselves and their property. Securing tree limbs while you trim your trees will prevent them from falling and make the project much safer. However, many homeowners don’t know how to tie off tree limbs when cutting branches. 

As such, Tree Keepers aims to explain how to secure branches while pruning and why it’s so important. 

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how to tie off tree limbs when cutting

The Importance of Securing Cut Branches

Many Littleton homeowners underestimate the dangers of tree trimming. Heavy limbs can fall off the tree and severely injure anyone under the canopy. They can also land on your home, car, and other exterior features, causing extensive damage that often demands a small fortune to repair. 

Securing limbs before trimming them will keep them in place once you finish pruning, allowing you to guide them to the ground safely.

How To Secure Tree Limbs While Pruning

Understanding how to tie off tree limbs when cutting plays a critical role in safe tree trimming. Follow the steps below to secure branches and protect yourself from falling limbs.

Step One: Prune Small Limbs From the Branch

While removing small limbs, it’s crucial to consider whether will cutting limbs off a tree kill it, as improper pruning can be harmful. Removing small limbs along the main branch will give you a clean workspace and make securing it easier. Use a pruning saw or sheers to eradicate any limbs that could interfere with the process.

Step Two: Find and Secure a Support Branch 

Find a robust support branch above the one you want to cut and toss a strong rope over it. Wrap the pruning branch at least twice and throw the rope back over the support branch. 

Next, use a rolling hitch or clove hitch knot to tie the rope to the tree’s trunk. Climb off the ladder and pull the other end of the rope until it feels tight and stays secure.

Step Three: Prune the Branch

Finally, prune the branch using proper arborist techniques. Undercut one-third of the limb and overcut the remainder to remove the branch. 

When the limb falls, the rope will secure it and allow you to guide it down safely.

Removing heavy tree limbs from large trees is extremely dangerous and demands specific techniques, tools, and pruning knowledge to complete correctly. It’s best to leave the process to the professionals to ensure safe and superior results.

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