Dead Trees? Remove Them Immediately!

Dead trees are common in CO due to the many natural threats they face. But just because a tree is dead doesn’t mean it can’t harm its surroundings. Dead trees are safety hazards that can spread diseases and attract insects. Hiring a professional arborist to remove them from your lawn immediately is the best choice you can make if you live in Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, CO or other nearby areas.

Why Colorado Trees Die

A dead tree in Lakewood, CO.

Dead trees are sad sights. They have withered bark and hollow branches, and lack the vibrant color they once donned. Sometimes, they are truncated versions of what they used to be due to sustained decay or form-altering storms.

Trees die for various reasons, ranging from disease and insect infestation to severe weather conditions. In Colorado, trees face many foes. There are beetles and borers, such as the destructive emerald ash borer, along with plenty of extreme weather (like when we get snow in May!) that puts your trees’ resiliency to the test. It is certainly not your fault that a tree died on your property.

Dead trees are safety hazards.

Dead trees need to be removed as soon as possible to eliminate the danger they pose to you, your property, and surrounding properties. Dead trees could lose limbs at a moment’s notice because they are weak and do not have the same strength as healthy trees. They cannot withstand adverse weather conditions, such as wind and snow, making their behavior unpredictable.

A tree and its branches could fall on your home or vehicle and cause significant damage to the structures and their occupants. They could also fall and damage neighboring properties and utilities, such as power lines. If the dead tree is planted in your yard, you could be held financially responsible for repairing the damage it caused. Overall, dead trees present safety hazards to everyone around them. Keeping them in place is simply a risk not worth taking.

Dead trees spread diseases and attract insects.

Dead trees also need to be removed immediately because they spread diseases and attract insects that can have a long-lasting negative impact on your lawn. If a tree died from a fungal or bacterial disease, the disease can spread to other vegetation in your yard and exact further damage. A dead tree is also a haven for wood-boring insects that can expedite the tree’s deterioration and introduce the insects to other healthy foliage. You do not want another tree of yours to become the next victim of diseases and insects!

The Tree Removal Process

Our arborist removing branches off of a dead tree in Littleton, CO.

Removing a dead tree from your yard is a major undertaking. Plus, it can be dangerous. That is why it is incredibly important to hire a professional arborist to oversee the tree removal process for you. A qualified professional arborist will be able to remove dead trees from your yard safely, efficiently, and precisely.

Tree removal experts rig or rope dead limbs and methodically lower them to the ground to prevent damage to nearby structures or the lawn below. Dead trees of any size can be removed, even if they are hanging over a structure, without hurting the surrounding environment. Limbs and cuttings are run through a wood chipper after they have been cut down and are turned into mulch that can be repurposed. Tree removal experts do not leave debris behind so that you have a clean, safe yard to enjoy once the dead tree is out of the picture.

Our company offers safe and effective tree removal services to the Littleton, CO area.

Let us remove your dead trees today!

If you have a dead tree that needs to be removed from your yard, you can trust Tree Keepers to take care of it for you. We are licensed, insured, certified arborists who know how to expertly execute tree removal from start to finish in Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, CO and surrounding areas.

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