Who to Call When a Tree Falls in Your Yard in Littleton, CO?

who to call when a tree falls in your yard

Few things are more destructive than having a tree fall down. It is a situation property owners hope never happens. However, it is something you should be prepared for.

Do you know what to do or who to call when a tree falls in your yard? Read on as Littleton’s trusted tree removal service shares a guide on what to do if a tree has landed on top of things in your yard or the building itself.

What Can Make a Tree Fall?

You can enjoy many benefits from beautiful trees on your Littleton, CO, property. However, nothing is without its risks. Bad storms and strong winds can topple your tree, especially if it’s already weakened by pests or diseases.

And the last thing you want to do is ignore a fallen tree. The quicker you address it, the safer your yard will be.

What to Do When a Tree Falls in Your Yard

Here’s what to do and who to call when a tree falls in your yard:

Assess the Damage

The first thing you should do is ensure everyone’s safety. Get to a window, and have a look at what’s happening. Some perspective will allow you to map out the route you’ll use when evacuating and assess the damage.

As you evacuate, do so as safely as possible. Avoid stepping on any fallen power line, even if it doesn’t seem to be live.

Contact Emergency Services

Depending on the situation, the first call you should make is to emergency services, particularly if the tree landed on power lines or is blocking off any exits.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Once everyone is out safely and you’ve informed the relevant authorities, contact your insurance company. In most cases, they will pay for the damages caused when the tree fell. Of course, this depends on your policy’s coverage.

In addition, each insurance company has a different claims process. Start yours as soon as possible, with the first step being to take pictures of the damage as evidence.

The Last Step is to Contact a Tree Removal Company

Once things settle down, you might try to remove the tree on your own. However, just because the tree is already on the ground doesn’t mean it is safe to start cutting. 

Always leave this task to a professional tree removal company with the skills, experience, and tools needed to remove the tree correctly. If not, you will risk further damage to your home or yard. 

These tree removal experts might even be able to help you with your insurance claim, especially if you have to prove that the tree was not sick or dying.

Professional Tree Removal in Littleton, CO

Besides the damage it potentially causes, having a tree fall can be frustrating. Knowing who to call when a tree falls in your yard will ensure a quick resolution.

Whatever tree-related service you need in Littleton, Colorado, Tree Keepers LLC can help with everything from fallen limbs on fences to removing dead trees before they fall. Call us today at (720) 534-2872 to get your free estimate.

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