When Is Tree Trimming Season?

Trees can grow wildly without proper maintenance, which can cause trouble with local authorities. While you may feel the temptation to get scissors or a chainsaw and stop the madness early, we suggest hiring professionals to do the job. An arborist can find the best branches to cut while keeping the tree safe and increasing the longevity of your plants. 

You may notice tree trimming experts in Littleton becoming more active around certain times of the year. You may be seeing the results of that year’s tree trimming season. The team at Tree Keepers LLC extends our services year-round, but we also become busier at these specific times.

Is There a Difference Between Tree Trimming and Pruning?

Both trimming and pruning involve removing branches from a tree or shrub to increase its ability to stay healthy. However, we use different tools for trimming and pruning and do each duty at various times of the year.

We trim shrubs and trees when they grow too much and disturb the environment. Each cut should benefit the plant’s overall health, even if the tree is already healthy. You can consider trimming as a design and illness-prevention measure.

Pruning, however, addresses dead or diseased branches on an otherwise healthy tree. We use our tools to find and remove dead branches and illnesses from the tree to help it live longer. We use different cutting techniques when pruning than when we trim plants, finding and removing only unwanted and ill parts.

When Should I Trim My Plants?

Trimming times depend on what kind of tree you have and where you live. For Coloradans, most trees need trimming around twice a year, once after the flowering stage and once during winter. 

Tree trimming season lands on these particular times because of the states the trees enter. In the winter, most plants, such as deciduous trees, go dormant to conserve energy. They prepare for this time during the fall.

You should avoid trimming or pruning during the plant’s flowering in early to mid-spring or during dormancy preparations in early fall. Instead, late spring to early summer works well for tree trimming.

After the plants have gone dormant, you can also prune. Colorado State University has noted that late winter seems to be best for pruning diseased or dead branches from trees and shrubs. Trees only need pruning maybe once every two to three years.

Should I Prune or Trim New Trees?

If you have a new tree in your yard, you should hold off on tree maintenance duties for the next few months. New trees haven’t adapted to your environment yet. If you cut them now, they cannot grow healthier, and maintaining or improving their condition becomes much more difficult.

Expert Trimming and Pruning at Your Doorstep

At Tree Keepers LLC, we know what keeps your shrubs and trees bright and colorful. We have proven our tree care 101 tips effective at rejuvenating lawns in and around Littleton, CO. Call (720) 534-2872 for a free quote on tree services during the tree trimming season!

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