Tree Care 101 – Know Your Tree Terms

Tree care is beneficial not just to your curb appeal but to the environment as well. A tree’s efforts of purifying the air we breathe and combatting global warming should not go unnoticed. As humans, we are responsible for protecting our trees as best as we can and preventing insects and diseases from taking over.

Tree care involves many different services and terms that are important to learn about to ensure that you are protecting your trees as best as possible. Some of these include soil injections, arboriculture, pruning, and tree surgeon. Continue reading to learn more about these terms so that you can have a better idea of how to properly care for your trees.

Get to Know the Skilled Professionals of Tree Care

An arborist pruning a diseased branch in Denver, CO.


Arborists are professionals who studied arboriculture, which is the science of trees and shrubs. They are trained professionals and are certified to provide care for your trees. They deal with maintaining tree life and diagnosing diseases that may be hindering their growth. An arborist’s task is to assess a tree’s condition and decide what treatment it needs to sustain its health.

Tree Surgeon

Once the arborist takes a look at your trees and determines the problem and the solution, a tree surgeon is a professional who actually performs the said treatment. They safely carry out tasks such as tree removal, stump removal, and pruning.

The crown, root collar, and drip line are important parts of your tree.


The crown is the top part of a tree that emerged from the trunk and holds the branches and leaves. This is also the part of the tree where flowers and fruits grow. The leaves that gather sunlight needed to produce their food through photosynthesis are found in the crown. It also helps maintain clean air by filtering the dust and particles found in the air.

Root Collar

The root collar is a part of the tree where the roots meet the tree trunk. It is important that the root collar stays free of any soil or mulch to ensure that oxygen and carbon dioxide can move freely. Buring the root collar will make your tree vulnerable to diseases and insect infestations.

Drip Line

A tree’s drip line is the area directly under the crown’s circumference. It is also called the “critical root zone” of trees and is the area where water typically drips from the canopy. Trees absorb the most water here because feeder rootlets are found in this area. Feeder rootlets are tiny roots that extend near the surface of the soil to absorb water and nutrients.

Don’t Get Confused Between Trimming & Pruning


Trimming is the process of shaping up your tree’s stems and branches to create a nice, uniform look. The primary goal of tree trimming is to maintain the tree’s aesthetic appeal. However, trimming will also allow for smaller plants below the tree’s crown to receive enough sunlight.


Pruning is the act of removing dead or diseased branches from your tree. This is different from trimming, as it is more focused on maintaining your tree’s health rather than its aesthetics. Pruning also encourages a more robust growth and gives your tree the strength to fight off diseases in the future.

Soil & Trunk Injections Are Performed to Maintain Your Tree’s Health

Trunk Injections

Trunk injection is the process of making small holes in a tree’s trunk to deliver necessary treatments directly into its vascular system. Those treatments will then be evenly distributed throughout your tree, making this process a very effective and efficient way to nurse your tree back to optimal health.

Soil Injection

Soil injection is one way to apply fertilizer to your tree. This process involves injecting liquid fertilizer into an area in the soil closest to the roots for easy absorption. These roots then take up the fertilizer treatments and distribute them throughout the rest of the tree.

Applying fertilizers through soil injection ensures root absorption and maximizes the positive effects of the fertilizer.

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Tree care is a multifaceted job that requires professional services to make sure your trees are getting top-notch care. Our team here at Tree Keepers specializes in tree care, tree removal, pruning, trimming, and stump grinding. We are also trained to carry out preventative and curative treatments to make sure trees in our area grow stronger every year.

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