6 Tree Pruning Tools Pros Use

When it comes to tree pruning, professional arborists don’t mess around with bargain bin equipment. They need the strongest, most reliable tools on the market to keep the specimens under their care in prime condition.

As Littleton’s tree trimming company, we at Tree Keepers LLC know a thing or two about this topic. Keep reading as we break down our arsenal of time-tested tree pruning tools our specialists swear by!

tree pruning tools

1. Bypass Pruners

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you. The bypass pruner is an absolute powerhouse in the hands of a consummate professional, making clean cuts with surgeon-like precision.

Its design, reminiscent of a bird’s beak, features two curved blades that bypass each other to make the cut. Bypass pruners work best for snipping those delicate, smaller branches.

2. Bypass Loppers

Bypass loppers are the big brothers to the pruners, and you can bring them into play when dealing with medium to small branches. Their longer handles deliver extra leverage, turning tough trims into a walk in the park. The same clean-cutting mechanism that the pruners boast is present here, too, ensuring your trees won’t suffer any unnecessary damage during the process.

3. Pruning Saws

Pruning saws typically boast razor-sharp, curved blades that make light work of the beefiest branches. Not only do they make the process much easier, but they also preserve your manual tools from any unnecessary wear and tear.

4. Pole Saws

If you’re eyeing a lofty branch that lies out of arm’s reach, tree pruning tools like the pole saw become a must-have. This instrument is essentially a saw on a stick. Its extendable body provides the arborist with a safe way to conduct high-altitude pruning without requiring a ladder or climbing gear.

5. Anvil Pruners

Anvil pruners are the secret weapon of choice for tackling dead wood. A single, straight blade drops down onto a flat surface (this is the anvil), crushing the branch between them, hence the name. 

6. Chainsaws

When you’re up against the titans of the tree world, only the robust power of a chainsaw will do. This machine, with its formidable motor and ruthless chain of teeth, can chew through even the thickest trunks like a hot knife through butter. Chainsaws come in a wide variety of sizes and power levels, but all share the same purpose: to take down trees that have outlived their welcome. 

Wielding one is not for the faint-hearted; it demands respect and a steady hand, as well as a keen understanding of safety protocols.

Your Trusted Tree Specialists

Proper pruning requires more than just the right equipment. It’s a delicate practice that requires knowledge, skill, and experience, all honed over years in the industry. Why risk the health of your treasured specimens with DIY tree pruning when you can let a trained arborist do the heavy lifting?

At Tree Keepers LLC, we equip our team with commercial-grade tree pruning tools, so they can tackle any challenge that comes their way. Give us a call at (720) 534-2872!

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