How To Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back

You’ve removed a dead, sick, or simply unwanted tree from your yard. However, the roots keep growing back. You feel frustrated, and wonder how to deal with the problem completely. 

In this post, Littleton’s expert tree removal company will teach you how to stop tree roots from growing back. Keep reading for more information. 

how to stop tree roots from growing back

Use a Homemade Remedy to Kill Leftover Roots

Before you spend money on a sophisticated method, you can try simpler root removal remedies. Substances such as salt or vinegar can do an excellent job. And you won’t worry about the adverse effects associated with harsh chemicals like herbicides. 

These remedies are also easy on your pocket. Even if they don’t deliver desirable results, you won’t lose a lot of money!

Follow these simple steps to kill leftover roots with Epsom or rock salt:

  1. Drill several 4-inch deep holes into the leftover stump and roots. You should do the same for any large roots that are above ground
  2. Add salt to each hole. Be sure the salt doesn’t overflow, particularly if you have other vegetation around. 
  3. Repeat the above steps every few months until the roots are hollow and wilted and you no longer see any new sprouts on the trunk. 

Dig the Roots Out With a Shovel

You can also stop roots from growing by digging them out with a shovel or any other tool. It’s not an easy task, though. While it’ll take a lot of your time, you’ll never worry about the roots growing back again. 

Start by digging a trench around the leftover stump. Be careful not to destroy any underground utilities and surrounding vegetation. Then, loosen the roots from the soil using a pry bar. 

Lastly, use a shovel or similar tool to dig the roots out of the hole. If you do it correctly, this technique can remove the whole stump and root system. 

Burn the Leftover Stump

Another method for how to stop tree roots from growing back is burning the stump. But you must be extra careful to ensure the fire doesn’t spread. Make certain the stump you want to burn is completely dried out. 

Get rid of any debris and leaves around the stump. You don’t want them to catch fire. 

Then, use a heat source like a torch to slowly and cautiously char the stump edges. You can remove the heat source once the stump is fully lit. 

Apply Herbicide to the Leftover Roots

Triclopyr ester, triclopyr amine,  glyphosate, and other chemical herbicides can quickly and effectively kill roots. Most herbicides available at the store contain at least one of these compounds. But it’s wise to read the label to ensure that you’re getting the right product. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Need more information on how to stop tree roots from growing back? Whether roots grow back or roots invade your yard after removing a tree, Tree Keepers LLC can help. We’re your go-to local arborist in Littleton, CO.Contact us at (720) 534-2872 for a free estimate or to learn questions to ask a tree removal service.

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