Stump Grinding VS Stump Removal – Which One is Better?

After removing a tree, you’re left with the decision of what to do with the stump. While it’s easy just to let it sit on your property, doing nothing carries a price tag as well. Whether this comes in the form of reduced property value or insect damage, at some point you’ll have a decision to make, “which is better – stump grinding or stump removal?”

Stump grinding and stump removal each have their own set of pros and cons. However, we’ve found that when property owners evaluate the decision based on pricing, complexity, and replanting options, they often favor stump grinding to removal.

Pricing Differences

A stump being removed by our specialists in Broomfield, CO.

When it comes to getting rid of unsightly tree stumps, there are many variables to consider. Pricing tops the list for many property owners. Property owners who choose stump grinding over outright stump removal can save some money as grinding is the less expensive option. Pricing for these services boils down to multiple factors, but labor time tends to be the most impactful.

Stump grinding – Factors that influence the cost of stump grinding include:

  • Stump location
  • Stump size
  • Tree type
  • Labor time
  • Land typography

Stump removal – Factors that influence the cost of stump removal include:

  • Stump age
  • Stump diameter
  • Root complexity
  • Labor time

The Process

Both stump removal and stump grinding consist of detailed processes. Here’s how the processes compare to each other.

  • Stump grinding – Stump grinding uses the rotating blades on a commercial grinder to pulverize the stump into mulch or sawdust. Grinding a stump does leave the roots of the tree intact. However, it’s not as messy as stump removal and doesn’t require heavy machinery. It’s also friendlier on the environment and doesn’t leave a massive hole in your lawn.
  • Stump removal – Removing a stump entails using bulldozers, excavators, etc., to mechanically pull the stump and root system from your lawn. Since tree root systems can be 2 feet deep or deeper and can be twice as wide as the canopy stump, removal is invasive and involves extensive labor. When done, you’re left with a massive hole that will quickly demand your attention.

Replanting Options

Our specialists grinding a tree stump in Golden, CO.

Both stump grinding and stump removal allow you to replant on the site of the old tree stump. However, the process is slightly different for both.

  • Stump removal – If you want to replant a tree, stump removal will remove all the roots and make it easy to accomplish. Replanting a tree in the same area as the old tree requires clearing three times the width of the new tree’s root ball.
  • Stump grinding – You can grind as far down as a foot below the soil to ensure that the area is ready for replanting. The grinding process leaves sawdust behind. So, if you plan on replanting a tree in that same spot, you’ll want to clear out any remaining sawdust and replace it with soil first.

The simplest way to replant a similar sized tree after a stump grinding is to plant 3-feet away from the old root system.

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As the saying goes, “first impressions are everything”! Perhaps nowhere is this more true than your landscape. If you have old tree stumps on your property, we understand their impact on your lawn’s aesthetic. As a licensed and ISA-certified arborist, our qualified team of tree specialists stands at the ready to help improve your curb appeal with our stump grinding service.

We provide our services to commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, and surrounding areas in Colorado. So, if you’ve been wondering what to do about that tree stump – ponder no more. Contact us today at  (970) 465-2474 to schedule our stump grinding service!

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