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Tree Trimming & Pruning Services Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, & Other Denver, CO Areas

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Tree Trimming & Pruning Services in Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, CO, & Nearby Communities

We use proper techniques and methods when performing our professional tree trimming and pruning services.

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It’s easy for homeowners to mistake trimming and pruning as the same thing, but they actually have separate distinct purposes. Plant trimming creates aesthetically appealing growth through careful shaping, while plant pruning improves vigor by cutting away dead or dying parts. Pruning or trimming a tree too much can lead to disastrous consequences, which is why many people opt for our professional tree services instead. Our tree technicians are highly trained and experienced with proper techniques and methods. We'll improve your tree's health, enhance its appearance, and reduce tree-related risks.

At Tree Keepers, we know how to strike just the right balance between these two services to cultivate vibrant and healthy trees. We service properties in Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, and other nearby areas in Colorado.

Routine trimming gives your trees a neat and manicured look.

Trimming improves a plant’s appearance by shaping the branches and leaves with shears. The process is particularly useful for plants with dense growth, which is why we also offer shrub trimming and hedge trimming services. Trimming also serves a more practical purpose. Sometimes, branches can grow in the wrong direction and potentially damage nearby structures or prevent sunlight from reaching other plants. With consistent trimming, we can keep this unwanted growth in check.

For most trees, we recommend having them trimmed once per year, or as needed. Depending upon climate conditions, we recommend trimming younger trees more often to promote healthy growth and proper shaping and structure, and once every 2-3 years for older trees to maintain the same conditions. We generally focus on cutting away new, green shoots to encourage healthier growth.

Our self-driving lift allows us to safely reach any tree, no matter how tricky the location.

Expert Tree Arborists in Greater Denver, CO & Nearby Communities

Our licensed, insured, and certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to professionally handle most any tree removal service your property needs, as well as providing top-quality tree care and fertilization services. Call today for a quote.

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Pruning improves the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs.

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Pruning is one of the most effective ways to improve a plant’s health. Trees take a while to grow and thrive, so you need to treat them as long-term investments. Our Tree Keepers team carefully removes dead and dying branches to encourage healthier growth. We usually recommend having your trees pruned twice a year, during spring and fall.

For shrub pruning and hedge pruning, we cut the plants down to about six inches from the ground during fall to encourage fuller and thicker growth come springtime.

What are the benefits of routine trimming and pruning of trees on my property?

Is the extra maintenance worth it? We think so. Our tree trimming and pruning services offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved health. Pruning removes unhealthy branches to prevent further decay, while trimming can lower the risk of leaf infections by increasing the airflow throughout the tree canopy. If you have fruit trees, proper pruning improves the quantity and size of their crops.
  • Visual improvement and restoration. Shaping plant growths and cutting down their unhealthy parts improves their appearance. If you have a tree that has decreased in aesthetic value over time, we can restore it to its former glory with some trimming and pruning.
  • Risk reduction. The storms and strong winds that frequently visit the Colorado area can easily take down weak tree branches, which can create hazards for your household and any nearby structures. We can significantly reduce these risks by maintaining the health of your trees.
  • Visual access. Pruning and trimming improve your landscape’s beauty and enhances its value. Through careful planning, we can create visual access to valleys, lakes, and other picturesque views near your property, all while maintaining privacy where desired.

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Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful With Our Professional Trimming & Pruning Services

Proper maintenance is the key to making trees vibrant and keeping them thriving. If your home or business in the greater Denver area—including Littleton, Golden, & Broomfield, CO—could use professional tree trimming or pruning, contact us today. You can reach our team at (720) 534-2872 and we will thoroughly assess your trees’ health, inquire about your goals, and formulate a custom maintenance plan that will provide you with the best results!

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