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Welcome to Tree Keepers!

We are your one-stop-shop for reliable tree care services.

Tree Keepers work truck preparing for a tree removal project in Denver, CO.

We are passionate about maintaining the health of the trees in our community so that they continue to grow strong every year. Each member of our team is trained in both preventative and curative treatment measures; we are able to heal your tree from health issues such as disease and infestation with our individualized treatment plans, but our main goal is to prevent these issues from even happening with our preventative treatment programs.

Our team has the training and expertise to guide your trees on a path to health and growth. We are an ISA (International Society of Aboriculture) Certified Aborist company, meaning that we are constantly updated on the latest tree health information through ISA's continued education classes. Our team also attends ISA's annual conference and trade show, attended by the world's top researchers, educators, and leaders. In addition to everything that ISA has to offer, we also attend trainings and seminars held by the state of Colorado, giving us updated information that is specific to our region.

We take pride in using our expertise to give our customers the best possible care. We understand that trees can sometimes be intimidating when it's clear that they need some assistance. The average homeowner might not know what the first steps of tree care are, and that is where we are happy to jump in and help. We stand alongside our customers through the whole process, whether they need insect infestation treatments, disease treatments, tree removal, or a fertilizer plan to help prevent any of those things from happening in the first place.

Give our team of experts a call at (720) 534-2872 to learn how we can help you create and maintain the best tree care treatment plans tailored to your trees and their specific needs!

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