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Tree Planting in Littleton, CO & Surrounding Areas Including Golden & Broomfield

Our tree planting service includes a root starter, mulch, and staking!

Trees make a great addition to any landscape. Filling your yard with beautiful, healthy trees can truly enhance the look of your property. At Tree Keepers, we offer the highest quality balled and burlapped trees for you to choose from. Our tree planting service includes a root starter to help your trees establish roots in your soil, a fresh layer of mulch for extra protection, and we'll stake your tree to promote upright growth. Once your trees are firmly planted in your soil, we can return after a year to provide them with a boost of nutrients via our nutrient-rich fertilizer treatments! We provide our tree planting service to homes and businesses in Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, and surrounding areas in Colorado.

We offer a variety of balled and burlapped trees.

We offer a variety of balled and burlapped trees that you can choose from to plant on your property. When you get a balled and burlapped tree, you are getting a pre-grown tree that is already established, so you won't have to worry about trying to grow a new tree. We make sure that all of our trees are properly balled and burlapped before we transport them to ensure that the roots and soil stay intact so that they can successfully start growing once they are planted on your property. While these trees will still need some time to establish their roots in your lawn after they are planted, you'll be able to reap the instant aesthetic benefits that they offer.

Our tree planting service includes a root starter, mulch, and staking.

At Tree Keepers, we include a root starter, mulch installation, and staking as part of our tree planting service. A root starter will help your newly planted trees establish new, sturdy root connections in your soil. The extra layer of mulch we install provides your trees with many benefits to help them grow. For instance, mulch will help your soil retain moisture and protect your tree roots from drastic temperature changes as they develop. We'll also stake your tree to help it stand upright after being planted. The stake will promote straight, upright growth and anchor your trees in place while they establish roots in the ground.

Schedule our tree fertilizer treatments one year post installation!

It is important to note that while your new trees are establishing themselves in the ground, fertilizer treatments should be avoided. However, once the one-year mark is reached, it's time to give your trees a little boost of nutrients so they can continue to thrive. That's where our tree fertilization service comes in! Our fertilization treatments will help your trees continue to establish strong roots in your soil and they have the added benefit of improving your tree's overall health and appearance. We will ensure the essential nutrients make their way to the roots so your trees will have an easier time absorbing nutrients and can continue to thrive as they grow and develop further.

We typically use the soil injection method for our fertilizer treatments to get the best results.

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If you're in the market for new trees in your yard, then we've got you covered with our tree planting service. We let you choose from a variety of high-quality balled and burlapped trees to plant on your property. You can trust us to plant your trees because we are an ISA-Certified Arborist company. We service commercial, HOA, and residential properties in Littleton, CO, including surrounding areas like Golden and Broomfield. Give us a call today at (720) 534-2872 to schedule our tree planting service.

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