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Pine Beetle Control in & Around Littleton, Golden, & Broomfield, CO

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Pine beetles can cause a lot of damage to your trees and can even kill them. Here at Tree Keepers, we offer a pine beetle control program that will protect your trees from these pests. We provide these services to property owners in Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, and surrounding areas in Colorado. We offer preventative treatments so we can prevent pine beetle damage before it happens. Our team applies these treatments once a month from the spring through the summer to ensure there is never a lapse in protection during these times. We use either soil injections or spray treatments, depending on what will be most helpful to your trees.

Our preventative pine beetle control schedule is highly effective.

Dealing with an ongoing pine beetle infestation can be tough, and by the time you notice them, they could have already caused significant damage to your trees. At Tree Keepers, we offer preventative solutions to prevent these insects from ever taking a foothold in your trees. Our treatments will protect your trees from pine beetles and prevent them from even having the chance to cause damage in the first place. You can trust our pest control experts to keep your trees safe from damaging insects in the most effective way possible.

It only takes a pine beetle about 2 weeks to destroy the outer layer of a tree, so schedule your pine beetle control treatments as soon as possible!

What does our pine beetle control schedule look like?

We apply our preventative pine beetle control treatments every thirty days throughout the spring and summer. We apply treatments during this time because pine beetles begin to emerge in the spring and are at their most active during the summer. This is because the hot summer weather speeds up the life cycle of pine beetles, meaning that they are laying a lot of eggs that are hatching very quickly. So, to successfully prevent pine beetle infestations, it is best to apply our treatments right before pine beetle season begins (in the early spring) and continue treating throughout pine beetle season (through the summer).

We use highly effective systemic pest control methods.

A pine beetle behind the home of our potential client in Littleton, CO.

To protect your trees from pesky pine beetles, we can either use soil injections or spray treatments. These are both highly effective systemic methods to apply pest control. A systemic pest control treatment is one that contains water-soluble chemicals that can be absorbed by a plant and move around within its layers, including its inner bark. Pine beetles primarily feed on the inner bark of trees, so if the treatment we apply is already absorbed into that layer, it will exterminate any pine beetles attempting to eat it.

Our pest control experts choose whether to utilize soil injections or spray treatments depending on what will be most helpful for your trees. Soil injections are the best option to use in windy conditions so nearby plants do receive any secondhand spray. Spray treatments are faster acting, so they are a better choice if your trees are already showing signs of pine beetle activity.

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Our team at Tree Keepers provide quality service to the homes and businesses in Littleton, Golden, Broomfield, and nearby cities in Colorado. No matter what you need for your trees and shrubs, we will stand alongside you through the entire process. Call us at (720) 534-2872 today to sign up for our pine beetle control program!

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