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Parker, CO Exceptional Tree Care Services

Our skilled crew works to keep your trees in Parker, CO in optimum condition.

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We provide tree care services for residential and commercial properties in Parker, CO.

Our services include a tree and shrub care program, tree trimming, winter watering service, and more.

Home to more than 54,000 people, Parker, CO is a developing home rule municipality in Douglas County. Whether you're a resident of Parker or are just visiting, there are a ton of fun things for you to do in this area. If you enjoy water slides and swimming, you'll want to check out the Parker H20'Brien Pool. If you would like to explore the great outdoors, you can visit the Cherry Creek Regional Trail. This trail is approximately 8 miles long and allows you to take in the natural beauty of Colorado.

At Tree Keepers, we are thrilled to help commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Parker maintain the health and beauty of their trees and shrubs. Our tree and shrub care services include tree trimming, winter watering, tree removal, and more!

The health of your trees is our main priority.

An emerald ash borer on a leaf of a customer's tree in Parker, CO.

Maintaining the health of your trees is not a walk in the park. These beautiful plants can often encounter diseases and insect infestations, resulting in poor growth and discolored leaves. At Tree Keepers, we provide excellent tree and shrub care services to ensure your trees remain in optimum condition to stay green and resist diseases. This program involves fertilizing your trees through deep root feeding, so they have easy access to much-needed nutrients.

Your tree will receive unparalleled attention from our arborists. Our diagnosis and consulting services will identify what's behind your tree's poor health. We also offer emerald ash borer control to target these problematic pests that threaten ash trees in and around Parker.

Our priority is to keep trees robust year-round, and our winter watering service will keep them hydrated during winter when irrigation systems are shut down. We also offer iron chlorosis treatment to tackle iron deficiency and bring back the verdant appearance of your trees.

Our trimming and pruning services keep your trees' health and appearance in check.

A professional from Tree Keepers pruning a tree for a home in Parker, CO.

Our skilled team also focuses on ensuring your trees look good in order to maintain the curb appeal of your home or business in Parker. We offer tree trimming and pruning to maintain your trees' pristine aesthetics and improve their health.

We keep fruit trees in Parker healthy with our fruit tree pruning service which involves cutting diseased branches to keep them thriving. We can also maintain the manicured appearance of your hedges with our hedge trimming and pruning service. Our crew follows proper trimming and pruning techniques to ensure we don't injure your trees and shrubs.

Keep your commercial property safe during the winter with our snow removal services.

Our Skilled Crew Can Safely Remove Trees on Your Property

Removing trees by yourself can be dangerous. Luckily, our experts at Tree Keepers are trained and skilled to remove trees on your property safely. Whether your tree is severely diseased or its roots are starting to damage your sidewalks, our tree removal service will handle the safe removal of trees as well as cleaning up debris and wood chips.

Our stump grinding service will take care of eliminating the remaining tree stump after removal. Removing the stump gives you more space in your yard and prevents tripping accidents.

Call our experts today to schedule our top-notch tree care services!

We are your go-to team for all of your tree and shrub care needs. From fertilization and trimming to tree removal, our experts at Tree Keepers strive to deliver reliable results. We provide our tree care services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Parker, CO. Call us today at (720) 534-2872 to schedule our top-notch tree care services!

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