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Golden, CO Tree Care & Removal Services

Got tree problems? Trust our certified arborist to handle them! We offer many tree services including fertilization, trimming, and removal.

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We are the tree care and removal experts to call in Golden, CO.

Our company offers expert tree care and removal services including fertilization, trimming, removal, and stump grinding.

Named after being an idyllic former gold rush town in the 1850s, Golden, Colorado is settled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. To its left are incredible hiking trails and breathtaking views and to its right is the bustling city of Denver. Stuck right in the middle of beautifully serene and bustling with activity, Golden, Colorado has the best of both worlds.

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No matter how difficult the job, we are the best tree care and removal service in the Denver, CO area.

  • Licensed & Certified Arborist
  • Licensed Pruning Company
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture Licensed for Ornamental Pesticide
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With nature being such a large part of the lifestyle here in Golden, our crew fits right in. We dedicate every day to caring for and treating the wonderful trees throughout our landscapes. Our greatest goal is to preserve every tree we come in contact with, whether that's with disease control, insect control, or fertilization. However, our experts also know when to remove trees for safety reasons. Our arborists can safely remove your tree and even grind the stump that it leaves behind.

Our tree care and removal services include fertilization and stump grinding.

Our arborist on a lift pruning a tree branch in Golden, CO.

  • Tree & Shrub Care - We offer a tree and shrub care program that you can enroll in to keep your trees healthy all year long. This is available for both residential and commercial properties. When you enroll in this program, your trees will receive fertilization, soil samples for disease diagnosis, deep root feedings through soil injections, and feedings through trunk injections. You can fully trust our ISA Certified Arborists to keep their trained eyes on your trees and quickly act if they notice an issue starting to arise.
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning - For the long-term health of your trees, it's important to schedule routine trimming and pruning services. The two are different in that trimming is focused on the aesthetics of the plant, giving it a manicured look. Pruning, however, is focused mainly on the health of your trees. Our experts will take a look throughout each tree and determine if any branches look like they are sick or dead. Removing these branches is extremely important to prevent the spread of whatever made that branch sick in the first place.
  • Tree Removal - Although our crew does everything they can to save trees and nurse them back to health, sometimes the only option is removal. If your tree is beyond the point of recovering from a disease or if it is growing in a dangerous direction such as over a roof, we will safely and carefully remove your tree.
  • Stump Grinding - Although you don't need to remove the stumps after a tree has been removed, sometimes our clients prefer to make it look like a tree was never there. Our stump grinding service is less invasive to your lawn than a stump removal service. If you don't plan on planting another tree in that area, we will grind your stump down 8-10 inches below the ground. However, if you do plan on replanting a tree, we will grind 18 inches below the surface to ensure that you are left with a clean, blank slate for replanting.

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At Tree Keepers, we have the experience, licenses, certifications, and training to give you the best possible tree care and removal services in the Golden, Colorado area. Not sure exactly why your tree isn't 100% healthy? Leave it to us to find out for you and generate a customized plan to nurse your trees back to their optimal health. If your home or business is located in the Golden, CO area, give our experts a call today at (720) 534-2872 to set up a consultation.

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