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Comprehensive Tree Services in Englewood, CO

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Englewood is a large city in the south metro area of Denver, comprised of about 30,000 residents. In 1858, pioneers struck gold in The Little Dry Creek area on their way to California and stumbled across the newfound land. The city became officially incorporated in 1903 by a prominent landowner, Thomas Skerritt, who is now known as the Father of Englewood. Englewood was known for its rapid growth because by 1908 it had a medical center, newspaper, and street lights. Today the city continues to grow with a focus on transportation, healthcare, and the arts.

Must-see attractions in Englewood include the historic Gothic Theatre, Devil's Head Distillery, and the Museum of Outdoor Sports. Colorado is known for its picturesque mountain views and the variety of sprawling trees. Locals and tourists alike rave about the breathtaking trees and plants of this city and enjoy activities like hiking, biking, and boating to admire the surrounding beauty. We aim to keep the landscapes of Englewood beautiful with our tree services like routine trimming, pruning, or tree removal. Let our team take care of your trees and shrubs with our team of professional arborists!

Our Tree Removal Services

Certified arborist removing a tree at a home in Englewood, CO.

Whether your tree is dying from old age or disrupting a future landscape project, our expert team of arborists can safely and cleanly remove your tree for you. Our tree removal service is guided by a 3-step removal process that ensures no corners are cut. It begins with the preparation phase in which we'll survey the surrounding areas to see which direction your tee should fall in as well as determine whether its branches should be individually cut or rigged and roped.

The next phase is the actual tree removal which is comprised of a two-step process that ensures a clean fall. The cleanup phase ends the tree removal process and includes clearing debris, grinding cuttings, and hauling off tree material, unless requested otherwise by the client. We handle the dangerous part while you're left with a safely removed tree and a clean area.

Post-Removal Stump Grinding

Grinding a tree stump after removal services in Englewood, Colorado.

The tree removal process takes care of dangerous safety hazards like the tree possibly falling on your house during a bad storm but our stump grinding services ensure your curb appeal is still intact. Stumps should be removed, as they are havens for insects and pests to live and breed in. Also, If the stump is in or near a frequently used walkway, people are at risk of accidentally tripping over it. Stump grinding takes the stump down to below the soil level, so you can plant over the area.

We can grind your stump 8 to 10 inches into the ground if you simply want to prevent a tripping accident. However, if you plan on planting over that area, you can request us to go as deep as 18 inches into the ground. Leftover wood chips can be hauled away or left with you to uses a mulch in landscape beds.

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Tree & Shrub Care Services

Spraying trees with effective pest control near Englewood, Colorado.

Although we'll remove your dying trees when needed, our team aims to give your landscape plants the care and attention they need to prevent them from getting to this point before their time. We offer a tree and shrub care program to keep your trees and shrubs properly nourished, protected from hungry insects, and resilient enough to resist common diseases. Services included in this program include fertilization, soil testing, deep root feeding, and trunk injections.

Besides keeping them at optimum health, we can also cater to the outward appearance with routine trimming and pruning. We'll prune your trees of dead or diseased branches to prevent them from spreading to the rest of the tree. A neat plant shape will be established with our trimming service to improve landscape aesthetics.

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