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Castle Pines, CO Tree Care & Removal Services

We can give your trees in Castle Pines the boost they need to thrive or safely remove them if necessary.

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We provide tree care and removal services in Castle Pines, CO.

Our experts strive to ensure your trees have everything they need to remain robust and lush.

The family-friendly city of Castle Pines, CO is a gorgeous city that is located in Douglas County. More than 11,000 people call this thriving city home. There's a lot to do in Castle Pines like visiting Elk Ridge Park or trying to complete the Rosie Rueter Trail and Incline Challenge. Attractions and activities like The Clue Room, Cherry Creek Reservoir, and Castlewood Canyon State Park are located close to Castle Pines and make for great ways to spend time in this area.

At Tree Keepers, our priority is to keep your trees in Castle Pines, CO healthy and thriving. We offer comprehensive tree and shrub care services so your majestic trees have everything they need to remain robust and lush. Our experts will also handle the task of trimming and pruning your trees so they can maintain their manicured appearance and optimum health. We can also remove your trees from your property, no matter the reason.

Let our certified arborists look after the health of your trees with our tree and shrub care services.

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At Tree Keepers, our tree and shrub care services are designed to keep your trees well-nourished and thriving. We'll give your trees nutrients to promote healthy growth, vibrant leaves, and strong roots through our fertilizer treatments. You can also rely on our certified arborists to check the status of the health of your trees with our diagnosis and consulting services.

If your trees have an insufficient supply of iron, it can result in iron chlorosis or the yellowing of the leaves. This discoloration can affect your curb appeal, but our iron chlorosis treatment will help restore your tree's vibrant foliage. We also provide a winter watering service so your trees will remain hydrated during the harsh, dry winters in Castle Pines, CO.

Emerald ash borers are a common problem for trees in Castle Pines, so you need to take every measure to protect your trees. We offer emerald ash borer control which involves preventative and curative treatments so these pests cannot damage your trees.

Our trimming and pruning services will tackle the health and aesthetics of your trees in Castle Pines, CO.

Trees are naturally resilient and beautiful, but you still need to monitor their health and maintain their appearance. Luckily, our tree trimming and pruning service will take care of that for you. Trimming should be done regularly to manage overgrown branches. At the same time, pruning will preserve their health if a disease or infestation is affecting your trees.

Hedges are excellent additions to your property since they help create structure and color, which is why we offer hedge trimming and pruning to keep them manicured and robust. Having a fruit tree on your property is also great because it means you have fresh produce right outside your home or business! Our fruit tree pruning will preserve the health of your fruit trees so you can enjoy fresh and tasty fruits!

Our experts also provide snow removal to keep your business in Castle Pines, CO safe during the winter.

We provide tree removal and stump grinding services to ensure your trees are removed safely.

Professional removing tree from property in Castle Pines, CO.

At Tree Keepers, we do all we can so your trees don't need to be removed. However, several reasons call for their removal, which is why we're here to ensure the removal process is safe and correct. When you schedule our tree removal services, our experts will do the job efficiently and proficiently.

We also provide stump grinding services to clear your yard of the leftover stump in the ground after removing the tree. This service is essential because the stump can quickly host pests and even prevent you from maximizing your outdoor space.

Call our tree experts today to schedule our tree care and removal services.

Whether you want to improve your tree's health or have them removed from your property, we are your local experts! At Tree Keepers, we offer tree care and removal services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Castle Pines, CO. Call our tree experts today at (720) 534-2872 to schedule!

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