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Broomfield, CO Tree Care & Removal Services

Our crew is full of ISA Certified Arborists to handle all of your tree care and removal needs.

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Professional Tree Care & Removal Services in the Broomfield, CO Area

We offer tree care and removal services to both residential and commercial properties.

Nestled in between Denver and Boulder, Broomfield, CO is both a city and a county with over 67,000 people. It has over 8,000 acres of public open space and more than 280 miles of walking and biking trails. Broomfield's average home value sits above $500,000, making the expectations for exceptional landscape care above average as well. At Tree Keepers, we are up to the task. We offer tree care and removal services to the community of Broomfield. You can trust our arborists to give you the best, most professional tree care in all of Colorado.

Put your trees in good hands with our tree care program and our trimming and pruning service.

Your trees need some care and attention just like your grass and smaller plants do! Our team of ISA Certified Arborists has the experience and knowledge to take care of your bigger vegetation. Tree diseases such as apple scab, fireblight, and dutch elm are all extremely common in the Broomfield area. Insects like emerald ash borer, aphids, and pine beetles tend to make their homes within our trees. No matter the issue you are dealing with, our crew will identify the source of the issue and create a treatment plan for your tree's recovery. In addition to disease and insect protection, we also set your trees up for success with fertilization, trunk injections, and deep root feeding. With us, your trees will have everything they need to fight off future problems and grow as big and strong as possible.

Our company also offers tree trimming and pruning services. Trimming is used for aesthetic purposes, making everything look uniform and increasing your curb appeal. Pruning, on the other hand, is meant to maintain the health of your plants. We will search for any branches or stems that look like they are sick or dead. Removing these will ensure that whatever made them sick will not spread throughout the rest of your tree.

Our Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Services

At Tree Keepers, it is important to us that we do all that we can to try and save your trees. However, sometimes trees are too far gone from suffering from a disease or they are growing at a dangerous angle over a client's home. This is when our experts will make the decision to completely remove a tree. Our removal process includes three steps. The first is the preparation phase where we will clear the surrounding area and examine the tree's condition to determine the best direction to cut it. Next, we will go ahead and safely cut down your tree during our tree removal phase. Lastly, our crew will clean up all debris.

Expert Tree Arborists in Greater Denver, CO & Nearby Communities

Our licensed, insured, and certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to professionally handle most any tree removal service your property needs, as well as providing top-quality tree care and fertilization services. Call today for a quote.

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When removing a tree from your property, there will be a leftover stump. Our clients usually want to get rid of the tree stump to remove the eyesore on their landscape. Our stump grinding service is different from stump removal. Grinding is a less invasive process and won't leave you with a gaping hole in your ground!

We are your expert tree care and removal professionals for the Broomfield area.

Many lawn and landscaping companies offer tree care and removal services in addition to their other, main lawn services. We, however, make trees our only focus. Our arborists know everything there is to know about your trees when it comes to their health and making decisions about removal. We offer our tree care and removal services to the Broomfield area and spread out to nearby areas like Littleton and Golden. Call us today at (720) 534-2872 to set up a consultation!

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