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Aurora, CO Tree Care Services

Let our experts look after your trees and shrubs in Aurora, CO with our tree care services.

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We provide tree care services to commercial and residential properties in Aurora, CO.

Our certified arborists know what your trees and shrubs need to remain healthy.

Aurora, CO is a beautiful city that stretches through three counties: Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas. This city is proud to be nicknamed the Gateway to the Rockies because the Rocky Mountains can be easily accessed from the Aurora area. This city is located near Cherry Creek State Park, which features walking trails, camping, and is filled with an abundance of wildlife.

At Tree Keepers, we proudly serve homes and businesses in Aurora, CO with our tree care services. We have certified and licensed arborists on staff who know how to keep your trees and shrubs healthy.

Keep your trees healthy with our comprehensive tree and shrub care services.

The trees on your property play a vital role in enhancing your curb appeal and adding vibrance to your home or business in Aurora. That is why keeping them healthy is crucial! Our tree and shrub care services at Tree Keepers include fertilization, soil testing, and more to ensure your plants stay healthy.

Our certified arborist offers diagnosis and consulting as part of our comprehensive tree and shrub care services. Getting a correct diagnosis is crucial so we can give your plants the treatment they need. We can also boost your tree's health and disease resistance with a trunk injection.

Trees in and around Aurora are vulnerable to iron deficiency which can result in foliage discoloration. We can nurse your plants back to health with our iron chlorosis treatment. Our experts also provide emerald ash borer control because these pests can detrimentally damage your trees once they take over their inner bark.

Irrigation systems need to be turned off and blown out during the winter to prevent damage. However, this can mean your tree will not have access to enough water during the cold months. Our winter watering service will ensure your trees and shrubs remain hydrated during the chilly season.

Our Trimming & Pruning Services Will Maintain Your Yard's Neat Appearance

Professional trimming tree branches for maintenance near Aurora, CO.

Healthy trees and shrubs grow nice and strong. Their branches need to be scaled back once they look messy so your property in Aurora can maintain its neat appearance. Our skilled crew offers tree trimming and pruning to keep your plants' health and appearance in check.

Having fruit trees right in your yard is great because you can experience picking fruits and enjoying fresh produce! That is why ensuring they are healthy is essential. Our fruit tree pruning service involves carefully removing unhealthy branches to prolong your tree's life and preserve its health. Our crew also helps many property owners in Aurora maintain their curb appeal with our hedge trimming and pruning.

Our company provides thorough snow removal for commercial properties in Aurora, CO.

We will safely remove trees on your property with our tree removal service.

Professionals performing tree removal services near Aurora, CO.

Removing trees is a dangerous and challenging task. Leave it to our experts at Tree Keepers to safely remove trees on your home or business in Aurora. Our 3-step tree removal service involves careful preparation, removal, and cleanup. We suggest you pair it with our stump grinding so you can utilize the area and ensure the leftover stump will not house pests or cause accidents.

Call our experts today to schedule our tree care services.

Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful is not easy. It's always better to seek professional help and sign up for our tree care services. Whether it's addressing insect infestations or removing trees, our experts at Tree Keepers are ready to help. We serve commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Aurora, CO. Call us today at (720) 534-2872 to schedule our tree care services.

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